This deliberately under designed site is a gateway to all the things that interest Christopher Newell, Christopher Howard Newell, Chris Newell, or as he was known at primary school, Flapper (the result of some seriously protruding ears - the curse of his teenage years). Dr Newell is a lecturer at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom and lives near York, North Yorkshire. He is married, with two children both of whom pursue careers in the arts, one as a writer and the other a musician. Maria Bovino, his wife was a successful opera singer and now teaches singing. Christopher has incurable cancer controlled successfully with drugs. The family have three cats, the feral one is favoured significantly more than the other two by me. This is my personal site from which you may follow links to all the other sites that focus on my specific preoccupations. My brand name is Gravityisahat, based on the family band name, and my principal web domain and all sub domains are derivatives of Gravityisahat. If you are intersted in the big picture, including my cancer as well as my taste in music, my anxieties, my politics (variable and of the armchair variety) as well as my career, research and poetry - then go here and ignore the rest of this page.

So what are the key themes that I would like people to search on and thus potentially to stumble on me.

Most recently I have profited from an encounter with a student in Denmark pursuing an interest in computer generated speech. I call it artificial speech or computer generated speech or synthetic voices but others use the term synthetic speech or even text to speech (TTS). I would certainly enjoy more encounters like that. My latest project is a telephone box in my garden in which I have installed a computer generated voice made by Cereproc that talks a bit like me. I call it concisely ‘The red telephone box that talks a bit like me.’ Follow the link here to a separate site with streaming audio, live video and lots of technical information.

I am an ex opera director and I revel in conversations about opera directing, opera production or just opera in general. Although I am out of touch with the current scene after a long period of abstinence, I still relish the possibility of projects that might combine my interest in the operatic voice as well as the artificial voice. This site some of work I have done in opera and those projects that marry my previous career in opera with my current career as a researcher in synthetic speech.

I write bad poetry and bad short stories for pleasure. These are safely tucked away here protected by a password but before I became ill I was about to attend a conference on artificial intelligence and poetry and it would be nice if that opportunity reoccurred, atleast so I could find out how little I know about AI or poetry.

That’s about it for the important stuff. The sites below are associated with the core themes above but are mostly directed toward my teaching of Digital Design at the University of Hull or simply collections of items I deem inspirational/interesting or worth preserving.

Digital work in progress - work in progress on developing a Chindogu inspired site - work in progress to archive the Creative Speech Technology website

Sites focused on my teaching activities at the University of Hull - a site I use for teaching purposes

Various media libraries and links

Academic work

These older versions of PPT web friendly files may not work on mobile devices - a presentation I gave to the HCI group at York University that I want to preserve - an archive of work I did for REF 2012 at the University of Hull that I want to preserve

My home server - Windows XP!

These are frequently switched off and are always very slow
Windows web server root - (this no longer works because of the deprecation of the Shockwave plugin)
Cold Fusion Speeech Synthesis Testing

Note - The development of this site is a strategic decision to maintain a presence in the online world without engaging with social media. A few days ago I deleted my Academia and Research Gate accounts. Facebook and Instagram have been spared the cull because they are the source of family news. I quite like Twitter.  I am troubled by the prospect of not having the occasional random contact with like minded people (such as occurred a couple of weeks ago with the Danish student) because I refuse to engage with academic or professional social media, so a domain name in my name ( that acts as a gateway to all my activities is the experimental solution. My assumption is that Google ranks domain names higher than page content, so perhaps, despite the missing space, may promote my name up the rankings such that anyone searching for me will actually find me, make contact, and make my day.  My hope is that in time, the annoying manipulation of search engine ratings that causes sites like Facebook, Linked-in, Research Gate and Academia to subsume my online presence, despite me having only superficially engaged with their services, will fizzle out. As of today,  November 11 2020, the aforementioned sites are still listed by Google above any of my blogs even though their pages contain nowt/zilch/zero by, or about, Christopher H Newell. To summarise I wish to be rid of requests to connect with people who I have no interest in connecting with, whose motivations are questionable and frequently spammy and this is my little ruse to try to bring about that outcome.