Machine v human voice acting: Introduction.

Choose the best actor!

This test will take 15 - 20 minutes to complete

When human actors read out loud they try their hardest to sound spontaneous, as though they are speaking to us and not reading from a script. We want to find out if machines can do this, or whether it is a special acting skill reserved for humans.

There are 4 short tests. You will be asked to decide which recording is most like someone speaking rather than reading. In other words you need to choose the 'best voice actor.' It would help us if you tell us why you have made your choice.

You will need a quiet environment to listen to the various recordings; the changes are sometimes very subtle so you may prefer to use headphones.

The test uses the Adobe Director Shockwave plug-in. This page should have downloaded the plug-in automatically but you can download it here if you need it. Sorry you may have to restart your machine after the install.

Once you have installed the plug-in check that you can hear something and make sure that the volume is at a comfortable speech level by clicking this

There will a draw for a good bottle of wine for all participants, after the test has been completed.

If you have any questions contact Chris Newell

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Many thanks