STEVS Web edition

STEVS Beta 2

To use STEVS Web edition beta 1 you will need this 65mb download installed.

Install both the TTS (text-to-speech) and the SR (Speech Recognition) software.

After the install you are likely to experience a number of issues. Try the following check list:

  1. Try silly things first like, is sound enabled, speakers on etc. The audio device used for general multimedia playback should be the same as the device for playing speech audio via TTS. Check in control panel.
  2. Is the TTS enabled in control panel/speech
  3. Re install the add-in by
  4. Executing the set-up program 'Setup.exe'
  5. Custom setup
  6. Make sure the option SR is installed on local hard drive not X'd out
  7. Re start machine and test with C:\Program Files\Microsoft .NET Speech\Client\SpeechAdd-inStartPage.htm assuming that is where you installed it, or from your start menu.
  8. Some security features in IE will also prevent the active X control from loading. Try temporarily disabling all security controls relating to active x or scripting including the advanced options.

You should read this before installing:

  1. You will need a Windows XP machine.
  2. Ideally it should have 3 sound output channels. You can direct each audio stream e.g. TTS, breaths, ambience to a different channel and then mix them accordingly. If you cannot do this the output will be very variable
  3. Please select Microsoft Mary as your default voice in control panel/speech before running the application.

IMPORTANT: Please install this application on a machine that does not contain your life's' work!

Please note: As yet I have made no effort to create credible output. This is a proof-of-concept application and is not user friendly. There are a number of anomalies in the interface, but with some persistence you should hear something eventually. The application should be unzipped and then installed from the 'setup' file. If you do not have the Micosoft.Net Framework 2 and Windows installer 3.1 it will attempt to install them from the internet.

Link to the beta 1 prototype Download beta 2 prototype (unavailable at present)