Access to all tests

Please do not advertise this URL. It is for development and testing purposes only.

For each test to be fair it requires different subjects. If you wish to contribute test data you should only attempt one of the tests. This must be the first and only test you take.

If you wish to test the tests please indicate this by prefixing your e-mail address with an 'x_ ' (x, underscore). Your record will not be included in the data analysis.

Test 1: Manipulations of pauses in a TTS stream. This test will require the installation of special software.

Test 2: Tests for reading or speaking in human and TTS samples (replaced by Test 4 (below) after pilot).

Test 3: Simple voice comparisons and comprehension tests.
The user is assigned only one of two possible tests Test 3a or 3b.

Test 3a: Direct access to test 3a (Mary). This will bypass the page with instructions.

Test 3b: Direct access to test 3b (P.A.T). This will bypass the page with instructions.

Test 4: P.A.T. (revised version of test 2).