K6 – Telephone Box

This is a 1937 K6 telephone box in our front garden. I am currently modifying it to explore my research interests in computer voices and performance. The first event was Chrismas Eve 2015. You can read more about it in a number of postings. Search for ‘K6’ or ‘telephone box’ or ‘Marge.’ It is an ongoing (for ever) project.

Example recorded video


K6_demo from Christopher Newell on Vimeo.

Live internal video – view from inside telephone box
(for some browsers on some platforms) 

Tested on –
IPad/Iphone ‘Safari’ only
Mac – Chrome/Firefox/Safari

Live Feed

External video – view from outside telephone box

You will need the free VLC application to view on a laptop or desktop

Cut and paste the link below into VLC/File/Open network – and wait…